Candyman da Marquis

25 jún 2012

Müller Péter

"Hatalmas segítség ez az oldal a fiataloknak! A DJ-zés nagylexikonja!"

Candyman da Marquis was born in 1974 in Budapest, the capital city of Hungary, and the music has always beenthe biggest passion in his Life.In 1991 he became a singer in a Hungarian band called 5LET. He won the first prize as the most talented singer by the popular „Youth Magazine”. The band sold over 30 000 records, attended over 200 concerts all around Hungary. He began to start diving into the scene and getting more and more involved in the music. His DJ career started in 1995 under the name, Candyman. As a DJ he has graced the disks of the best clubs, festivals worldwide.He played with John Creamer, Josh Wink, Nick Warren, D.Fuse, Green Velvet, Lucien Foort, Francesco Farfa, Deep Dish, Cassius, Luke Fair, Andy Slate, Funky Junction … on many underground dance parties. He also performed at the official Madonna after show in Miami, and he was going to appear at the official Depeche Mode after show which was unfortunately cancelled because of the Hurricane. He is refreshing original, style of a sexy deep funky futuristic tech/tribal house combined with his silky smooth mixing abilities. His passion for music grew constantly and he released his first single Endless Ocean, which was a break trough in his career. In 1996 he was on the cover of Freee Magazine, he became the most popular artist in his style. In 1998 he established his own record label the Evidance, with this he organized parties in the four starts Gellert Hotel and Spa, and the Vigado Hall.In 1999 on „El Campo Tranquilo Festival” he performed for over 60000 people, „Berlin Love Parade” for over 2 million people, and „Vienna New Years Eve party” for over 25000 people.In 2000 he was chosen „The Dj of the year” by the Music Box TV viewers, he attended a Winter Music Conference (Miami), and his party was broadcasted by the Womb Radio through the internet to Budapest. An important miles stone in his career was when he moved to the United States. In 2001 he returned to the Winter Music Conference, and he took the 3rd place at the Cool Junkie Dj Competition in Florida. In the very same year he had a Mexican Tour (Mexico City, Playa del Carmen, Monterrey, Cancun.) After the tour he signed contract with Womb Radio Station. His high energy and love for music came together as one.He established his carrier as a resident Dj for the Fashion Tv Parties at the Mansion in Miami. The success of his residency in Centro-Fly, Sullivan Room New York brought him an other opportunity,he became the resident of the Gryphon in Hollywood. At the same time he played at Prana, Ice, Fundation Room, Spundae, Moonea, Risqué in Las Vegas as well. In September 2006 he returned to his homeland to bring his own blend of glamour to Budapest. His new show „Body and Soul” is very successful, and his new CD is expected soon. He remembers why people wants to go to clubs – simply: „to have a great time and feel the music.!” He continues to remain loyal and appreciative to the music and above all to the people who enjoy it!